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click to enlarge Joshua Danrich, aka Mr. Fresh - COURTESY OF MR. FRESH

Courtesy of Mr. Fresh

Joshua Danrich, aka Mr. Fresh

When St. Louis County resident Joshua Danrich was little, he disassembled Hot Wheels and put them back together. He daydreamed of owning a Bugatti, Lamborghini, or Corvette.

Eventually, Joshua decided he wanted to own his own luxury sports car dealership. The problem? He was 10 years old.

“I asked my mom and she said, ‘No, Josh, you can’t have a luxury sports car dealership at 10 years old,’” Joshua says.

But Joshua didn’t let his age slow him down.

Now 13, he owns his own air freshener and deodorizer business called Mr. Fresh. As a self-procalimed “Kidpreneur,” Joshua sells sprayable fresheners for $7 each. Customers can refresh their homes or cars with a variety of scents, from jasmine to cool breeze.

“Everybody driving their luxury cars want them to smell good,” Joshua says. “They want to eliminate stinky smells.”

Within a couple years of launching in 2018, Joshua’s business was featured on Good Morning America (where he got to meet John Cena). Mr. Fresh products are now sold at Schnucks, Phillips 66 gas stations, Zoom Convenience Store, and on his website

Joshua works on the business after school and on weekends. He has one employee – his mom, Shay Danrich, whom he calls his “Mom-ager.” The business quickly turned into Shay’s full-time job.

But when St. Lunacy asks who’s in charge, Joshua responds with a quick, “Me!”

“I could say I work with him, but I truly do work for him,” Shay says.

Joshua eventually wants to become an engineer so he can design luxury cars for his own, yes, car dealership. Shay recalls their conversation about the subject three years ago.

“I was like, ‘Well, you say you like how cars smell and you want to be an engineer, why not engineer something that makes the cars smell good?’” Shay says. “The light bulb went off in his head.”

Mr. Fresh also boasts a larger purpose. “Fresh” is an acronym for Faith to Rescue Every Son from Hurt. He hopes to inspire other kids to strive for greatness and learn financial literacy. For these kids, Joshua has some advice.

“If I can do it, so can you,” he says, breaking into rhyme. “The sky’s not the limit, only the view. Keep dreaming and your dreams will come true.”

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