‘Record Riots’ hosts vinyl sale in Cheektowaga

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. (WIVB) — The Buffalo Record Riot! is back, and the hunt was on Sunday for vinyl records, CDs and DVDs.

It all went down at the Knights of Columbus in Cheektowaga. Record dealers from all over the state, and out-of-state, filled the place with music and movies. More than 20,000 LPs were put up for sale, featuring genres ranging from punk, to funk, to blues.

“We really try to offer the full range,” owner Steven Gritzan said. “You can get Kanye West, you can get The Beatles, you can get Hank Williams, Miles Davis, Bob Marley, like, everything. It’s very comprehensive, and it’s like having 15 different record stores in one room.”

The Buffalo Record Riot! will make its return to the area in November. To learn more about Record Riots, click here.

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