‘Peace in the Park’ event looks to help lower SD crime rates

SAN DIEGO – After an increase in crime in Southeast San Diego, the San Diego Police Department is teaming up with stakeholders to make their presence known.

“Peace in the Park” is part of a series of events the community is holding alongside the police department

“This all started some of our community meetings, and the ongoing complaint in the area was that our parks had gone to the side we don’t want them to go to there,” said Captain Manny Del Toro with SDPD’s Southeastern Division.

The event, held in Mountain View Park, is where Captain Del Toro says they were running into, “homelessness, trash, drug use, gang activity, and prostitution.”

Eduardo Pineda and his daughter stopped by the event after driving by.

“The environment feels friendly, you know – feels like they are really putting an effort into trying to help out the community,” said Pineda.

Deadly shootings in the neighborhoods have prompted the community to speak up and organize.

“We are trying to bring peace back to the parks, we are trying to stop the drive-by’s and all that stuff that goes on and bring the park back to the kids, to the grandparents, the parents and everybody,” said Mr. G of Mr. G Entertainment.

Pineda, who lives nearby, says events like the one held today can change the lives of those living in the neighborhood.

“They should do it more often, it could possibly lead kids to see that there is different possibilities,” said Pineda. “You know, there is bigger things that they can do instead of joining gangs.”

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