Chris Uhlmann’s analysis of the first day of the campaign between Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese

Prime Minister Scott Morrison faces a long road to a second “miracle” election win – but it’s not out of reach.

Nine Political Editor Chris Uhlmann told Today that despite Mr Morrison having the advantage of incumbency, there was a “very, very close margin” between him and Opposition leader Anthony Albanese.

“This election race will be decided in marginal seats around the country but there is always the possibility, and we have seen this, that the polls aren’t close,” Uhlmann said.

Anthony Albanese and Scott Morrison will face off at the polls on May 21. (Rhett Wyman, Alex Ellinghausen)

“And in fact it is a blow out and the people do vote Scott Morrison out because they are tired of this government and him. That is always a possibility.”

He said Mr Morrison’s would need to convince voters that Mr Albanese would be “the most left-wing Prime Minister the country would ever have”.

“If he is successful in that, he may go some way towards having a second miracle victory, but gee, in this life Karl, you usually only get one,” Uhlmann said.

When politicians facing the public gets ugly

Uhlmann also pointed out that as the leaders traded personal attacks in the election campaign’s opening phase, Mr Albanese had the advantage of using barbs slung by others.

“He said, ‘look, it is not me that says Scott Morrison is a hypocrite and a liar, Barnaby Joyce said it,” Uhlmann said.

“There is plenty of evidence lined up against the prime minister, and the prime minister’s retort is of course ‘people don’t know who Anthony Albanese is’.”

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