Adelaide Crows triumph over adversity in AFLW, but a complete reset is needed after the league’s most-difficult season yet

“We did it,” cried a jubilant Ebony Marinoff to Erin Phillips. “We’ve got three, baby, we’ve got three”.


After six seasons of the national AFL women’s competition, there have been five grand finals.

The Adelaide Crows have made four, and won three.

Such a record means this team will deservedly go down in history as the first juggernaut of the AFL women’s competition.

However, while all three premierships may be equally memorable, 2022 may, in hindsight, be seen as the greatest of all given it was achieved in the face of significant adversity for the playing cohort.

Players’ most-difficult season of AFLW

From an optics point of view, almost nothing seemed to go right in AFLW season six.

The season start — originally planned December 2021 — was delayed because of a Delta-variant outbreak of COVID-19.

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