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OnlyFans has been growing exponentially since its inception almost six years ago. In fact, internal statistics report that the platform has been growing 70% each month since the beginning of 2020. There are loads of different kinds of accounts that can be made on the subscription website, from fitness programs to lifestyle advice to diet plans. Still, the vast majority of profiles are dedicated to frisky, freaky, fun. These NSFW accounts then fall into two categories: Paid and Free.

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Best OnlyFans Accounts: Featured This Month

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Paid OnlyFans Accounts

It seems pretty self-explanatory, but there are a few hidden details to be aware of, both as a potential user or a future creator. Let’s start with paid accounts. This kind of profile means there is a payment barrier to get through before viewing any content on the page aside from the profile picture, cover photo, and what they have advertised in their bio description. Monthly subscriptions are set at a price range of $5-$50, but creators do have the option to offer discounts to make their subscription cost even lower for a limited time. Many artists charge higher monthly subscriptions to allow all their posted content to be uncensored without any additional charges. They count on their subscriber’s appreciation of this generosity in the form of tips to generate additional revenue. This is often used as a marketing strategy to draw users towards paying for a higher monthly subscription.

Both paid and free OnlyFans accounts can charge additional funds for content known as PPV or pay-per-view. This means that in order to unlock the media, you will need to pay anywhere from $5 to $50. Users can then view the photo or video to their heart’s content. Another source of income for both types of OnlyFans accounts is to charge for the ability to private message, to provide services for a fee such as X-rated instruction manuals or a rating of your favorite body part, or to host live streams where users can offer tips to have a request fulfilled right then and there.

Free OnlyFans Accounts

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That leads us right to free Only Fans accounts and the perks of managing or subscribing to this kind of platform. One bonus of offering access to your OnlyFans for free that you can’t do with a paid one is to charge an admission fee before joining the live stream. Free accounts also gain followers more quickly, which means your account can rise to the top of the leaderboards that people look at to find new creators to support, therefore directing more money towards your page. As a user, you might think it’s such a drag to pay for each piece of content you wish to view. However, due to the added value, the quality of the content is often higher, with full-length videos available for purchase or simply each piece of media being fresh and new compared to reposting old content as paid accounts tend to do. There’s also the added benefit of being in control of how much you’re spending on each of your subscriptions.

Time to put your newfound knowledge to work by subscribing to some free Only Fans accounts, and we’ve got just the list to get you started! Occupying the top of the Only Fans Free leaderboard, these ten babes and beauties have been putting in the work to earn your favor with hot, fresh content posted daily and weekly. You won’t regret giving them a follow and maybe a tip or two—what are you waiting for?

1. De Rankin

There’s more than sex appeal oozing from this voluptuous frame. Luscious blonde De Rankin leaves almost nothing to be imagined in her photos and videos. The only thing you have to do is plug yourself into the scenarios she films from your point of view, and you’ll be lost in the intimate experience very few creators offer on their pages—especially for her prices. It’s obvious she’s doing this for her own entertainment as well as for her fans. Her content is exploding with enthusiasm, and the descriptions she writes to sell each of her posts are hot all on their own. She loved to put it all on display for her fans and try out enticing positions and suggestions from her followers. It would be foolish to overlook the premium content that this account is overflowing with!

2. Jessica Nigri

The absolute top free OnlyFans account right now is run by a fiery blonde bombshell who specializes in dressing up and having fun interacting with followers of her page. Jessica Nigri is an adult content cosplayer who is slowly moving into X-rated territory. She recently posted a video and photo set where for $35, you get to sit in the splash zone and observe her enjoying her bath time. The suds leave very little to the imagination as she adopts her trademarked teasing routine that hundreds of thousands of followers can’t get enough of. Her profile also has shower videos for purchase, photoshoot collabs with other gorgeous creators, and genuine posts where she shares her thoughts with her followers and interacts in the comment section. Go check it out to see why this bubbly babe is one of the best free Only Fans creators with 4.2 million likes on her profile and climbing every day!

3. Sara Mei Kasai

Sweet, petite, Sara Mei is a curvy brunette with a tiny waist and deceptively innocent smile that is dead set on driving you up the wall while you’re on her page. Sara herself proclaims that she is dedicated to the art of teasing and “keeping you horny 24/7”. Don’t let the fun stop there, though. Every tease can lead to instant gratification by unlocking the fully uncensored content, which is usually in video form. This adventurous cutie specializes in photos and clips that simulate your point of view so you can let your imagination run wild. She is also known for sitting pretty in lingerie sets and catering to the sexy gamergirl niche. Her fans stay loyal as she frequently rewards them with surprises in their inbox and replies to messages and comments on her posts. There’s no wonder why this is one of the best free OnlyFans accounts on the site this year.

4. Ginny Potter

This vixen is currently owning the game as the best free OnlyFans creator in the MILF category. Ginny Potter is a young mom with a fit and flattering body complimented by her sultry features and intimate personality. This free account has plenty to take in before you spend a single penny, so you know the bonus content is going to be mind-blowing! Starting with the introduction video, she films in lingerie and she walks you through a little bit about her and what she enjoys doing on her account and for her followers. As one of the more active creators, responding to all her private messages and personalizing your experience on her page is a priority for her. She also sends freebies to her follower’s inbox weekly and posts fresh, barely censored content to her wall every day.

5. Suicide Girls

The Suicide Girls page is a unique free Only Fans because it functions as a sort of database for all the current Suicide Girls who are running their own OF profiles. Advertised as “the world’s most badass sorority of tattooed beauties and geek goddesses,” Suicide Girls is a modeling agency that began with a standalone website where patrons could subscribe to individual women and purchase access to their fully nude photosets. The poses, while provocative, remained tasteful and were often creatively aligned with pop culture or alternative themes. To be labeled a “Suicide Girl” is the equivalent of holding the title of “Playboy Bunny.” It’s an exclusive club. The collective has since expanded onto the OnlyFans free platform, where models can now offer more explicit content such as videos and even collaborate with other artists. Subscribe to this account to know which Suicide Girl is about to start a live stream, who just posted to their wall, or to find someone with a new and exhilarating niche to subscribe to.

6. PeachJars

Known for her salacious cosplay content, PeachJars will instantly win you over with the refreshingly honest personality she embodies coupled with creative posing. She is such a tease, or at least she wants you to think so when really, you get everything you ask for and more in her frequently uploaded photosets. She also has exclusive content available when you show your appreciation with a tip. Many of her followers come from her twitch streams, where she sports adorable cat ears and provides commentary while she games, so be sure to check that out if you’re into hot gamer girl content. Otherwise, there’s plenty to occupy your dirty mind on her wall and in her live streams, which is one of the only places you can view her acting out X-rated fantasies. Those shows are a big reason PeachJars is considered one of the hottest OnlyFans free accounts of 2022, but why not find out for yourself?

7. Kaya Fox

Hailing from Sweden, Kaya Fox takes hot to the next level on her page with tons of uncensored content already available for your viewing pleasure just for signing up as her follower. She currently has tons of deals to purchase entire compilations of her content—one, in particular, is over 2 hours of video for just $15! Thinking this is too good to be true? This tiny framed goddess will instantly prove you wrong. She even likes to share the love! In exchange for allowing her fellow creators to advertise on her page, Kaya’s loyal fans are the only ones unlocking perks such as free months of subscription or extremely generous discounts on their content. You will love how many doors swing wide open for you after adding this account to your collection.

8. Yasmin Baker

This OnlyFans celebrity starlet has a long history on the site, joining three years ago in 2019. She runs a raw and vulnerable platform, building an intimate rapport with her fans that makes you feel like more than the common subscriber. Just when you think the experience can’t get any hotter, you find out Yasmin Baker is the complete package—a sexy British accent, gorgeous sultry features, and a genuine down-to-earth personality all wrapped up in the kind of body that makes you want to beg for more. And she’ll give until it hurts with daily new posts that are uncensored teases for some of the most explicit content you can find on OnlyFans. From full-length videos to lingerie photo sets in various revealing stages, there are plenty of options to choose from. There’s even the option to tip and receive a piece of exclusive media every single time! It makes you wonder how much delicious content this creator is sitting on just waiting to reveal to a loyal follower like you.

9. Marie

It’s insane how much content this creator can come up with, all without fully showing her face. No one knows Marie is the naughty housewife next door, so it’s imperative she stays your dirty little secret—until you purchase her uncensored content, that is. The little peaks you get on the daily posts she uploads take teasing to the next level. Her followers don’t hesitate before unlocking her full-length POV videos, and they leap at the chance to witness her frequent solo fun times. She wants to show you how much it turns her on to be her true self and that side of her is anything but one-dimensional. As her subscriber, you get an intimate look into her everyday life, her endless dirty thoughts, and loads of collaborations she creates with other hot MILFs and secret sirens.

10. Laci Kay Somers

Join the #SommersSquad and become one of the lucky few who get to view Laci Kay in ways she can’t post on any other social media platform. This glamorous seductress has the most generous assets on this list. You’ll instantly see what I mean if you give her a follow. Luscious Lacey is known for her hot collaborations with friends and “After Dark” vlog posts where she shares raw behind-the-scenes footage of the photoshoots and videos she films for her page. Followers flood her inbox with requests that she eagerly fulfills, and she also replies personally to all her private messages. Seldom do you see such dedication from accounts with this level of popularity. They are usually left to an assistant to run, and the posts get a bit stale, but not on this goddess’ watch. If you still can’t get enough, she has an even hotter VIP account from which she frequently shares teases. Laci Kay can’t wait to be your next forbidden fantasy.

Why OnlyFans?

If this list proves anything, it’s that there’s very little downside to either type of account a creator can run on OnlyFans. Paid or free, you’re getting the highest-quality content to come out of this industry since its inception in the 1930s as boudoir photography. These content creators have a passion for the art of sexy service, and the internet provides an avenue for people from so many backgrounds to fulfill even the most “out there” niche. Basically, there’s something for everyone, which is the fantastic thing about OnlyFans. In one place, you can keep all your subscriptions and purchases and enjoy them anywhere you can access your profile. Use this list to start your collection, and don’t be afraid to show your appreciation for these gorgeous creators.

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